Company Profile

Attensity Media is an ICT business that non-stop intends to streamline innovation to work for services of all sizes. Attensity Media is an online fax provider that transforms a facsimile transmission into a digital file that can be sent out and got by means of e-mail.

Online fax services bridge the gap in between the older fax innovation, which is well established in today's Attensity Media environment, and e-mail transmission of files.

Attensity Media empowers YOU (mobile specialists, office employees, small companies and independent Attensity Media owners) to run your Attensity Media more effectively by allowing you to send out and get faxes where ever you have e-mail gain access to.

We value sincerity, stability, and belief in one's capabilities, and accept absolutely nothing less from ourselves than to pursue quality in all our undertakings. We ensure the superlative quality of our services which surpass our consumer's expectation.